Art in the Garden

KSG is proud to host several art and healing programs into the garden with generous support from Kalliopeia Foundation. Below is a list of the grantees for the 2021 season.  

Fun w:Clay.jpg

Bronx Clay
Four open air ceramic hand-building workshops. The workshops are being held at the garden, for four Saturdays. Participants earn how to use a variety of techniques to build with clay, including slab building, coil building, and pinching. They will then be able to design their pieces with ceramic underglaze, carving and/or stamping. After the pieces are fired and glazed, we will have an exhibition of participants’ work in the garden so that the students will see their work elevated and valued. Participants will be able to take their finished pieces with them at the end of the exhibition.

Bombs Yo.jpg

Sofrito Con Bomba

Soulfrito Con Bomba is a series that focuses on our ancestral connection to the drum,

dance, and food as medicine. Attendees will learn the art of Bomba y Plena for

emotional release and ancestral connection followed by a cooking demo and

conversation centered around food justice, preservation, and legacy.


Ven-Ve with Nicolás Dumit Estévez Raful Espejo Ovalles

Ven-vé translates into a Zoom mediated exchange between two urban gardens and their day-today,

led by key people in both locations. The idea is to encourage other neighbors to undertake

this journey in person centered around food justice, preservation, and legacy.


Stay Fit with Jane Scruggs, Community Farmer

Jane is your local Bronx gardener facilitating a yoga/HIIT fusion workout class. This class is intended to make you sweat, stretch and strengthen.


Malata Cuisine with Chef Sia

A nutritional health practitioner and chef, Chef Sia Pickett is providing a series of workshops that supply information and culinary instruction on how to improve health through preparing healthy meals, using healthy cooking methods and living a more balanced life by incorporating these practices. This is being done in conjunction with the Emergency Food Market.


Sip and Paint with Faye

Faye Bonas, a long time resident of Kelly Street and an artist who found her voice in the garden, will lead a series of workshops with local elders from The Grandmothers Building.


The Puerto Rican War

The Puerto Rican War. Graphic novel John Meijas Vasquez. The story of Puerto Rican revolutionaries fighting American colonialism in 1950. The Puerto Rican War also exists as a costume/puppet performance based on the book. Featuring marionettes, masks, costumes and hand puppets and will be presented in 2 presentations over the summer.


Art in the Garden

Bruce Zeines, General Manager at KSG and the 2021 recipient of the BRIO (Bronx Recognizes Its Own) from the Bronx Council on the Arts will conduct 2 onetime workshops creating new community based projects that enhance the garden infrastructure.